Simple Will

A Simple Will and two Power-of-Attorney documents can bring you needed peace of mind. Act today.

Plan, don’t react. Make the decisions now that you might not be able to make later. Three simple documents can take many of the burdens off your loved ones. For a flat fee, we will draft these documents for your signature.

Simple Will
With a will you direct how to distribute your property when you die. You can also name a guardian for your children and create a trust to hold the property until the children are old enough to handle it. If you don’t have a will, the court system may decide how to distribute your property and who will take care of your children. Don’t let a stranger make these decisions for you. Act now and enjoy the calm that comes from getting this done.

Health Care Power of Attorney
With the Health Care Power of Attorney, you choose someone to make health care decisions for you. The Power can become effective on a specific date, or when some event occurs; for example, when you can’t make decisions for yourself. This document also allows you to decide the level of life-saving and life-sustaining efforts you want.

Power of Attorney for Property
With the Power of Attorney for Property, you choose someone to make other decisions for you and to act in your name, for example on financial matters, when something happens that makes you unable to do so for yourself.

For a flat fee Circuit Law will:

  • Meet with you to learn your circumstances and wishes and to explain each document
  • Draft the three documents and review them with you
  • Finalize the documents,
  • Meet with you to execute the documents, and
  • Instruct you how to use the documents.