Divorce A Fresh Start

Divorce and Family Law

Circuit Law office represents people in divorce proceedings and in post-divorce proceedings regarding child custody, support, visitation, and removal. He also helps people planning to marry protect their assets through premarital agreements.


Divorce is not a failure. It is a fresh start. Circuit Law’s philosophy is to minimize hostilities and maximize recovery to help you make a smooth transition into the rest of your life. We will take the lead as your advocate on issues including spousal support, property division, child custody, child support, and visitation.

Property Division

Jacksonville divorce law requires an equitable division of marital property. But what division would be equitable for you? Is all your property really marital property? Or is some of it a pre-marital property that is not subject to any division? We can help you through these complicated issues, call us today.

Spousal Maintenance

The court may order one spouse to pay the other support, either in a lump sum or on a periodic basis, based on the court’s analysis of a long list of factors. Don’t let the court make this analysis without help. You need an advocate to help you through these complex issues.

Child Custody and Child Support: Divorce and Post-Divorce Proceedings

Don’t face these emotionally-charged issues alone. We can work as your advocate to make sure the court fully understands what is best for your children. Post-divorce, don’t wait when a change in financial circumstances, or a significant change in a child’s situation, requires modification of your earlier divorce judgment.

Agreed or Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse have agreed on everything – on property division and spousal support, and also on child custody, support and visitation – call us today. He can help you through the process of making your agreement legally binding. We will represent you in your divorce, explaining each step and document in the process and how it impacts you. Please note that we can only represent you in the proceeding: your spouse will have to sign a document acknowledging this.


Circuit Law handles cases were one spouse lives out-of-state. This includes situations where you live out-of-state and are served with a Jacksonville summons for divorce or to modify a child custody or support award in an earlier divorce, where you live in Jacksonville and want to divorce an out-of-state spouse, and where you want to pursue an out-of-state ex-spouse for support payments. If you need help in one of these situations.

Pre-Marital Planning: The Premarital Agreement

If you plan to marry and have significant assets, act now to protect those assets. People who sign Prenuptial Agreements are not cynics; they are planners. Address property division today while heads are clear and hearts are warm.